The Benefits of switching to Solar Power

In Australia, we are beginning to see properties, infrastructures and even vehicles become saturated with solar panels. This is proof our nation is following the renewable energy trend. However, unfortunately there are still some sceptics around.

The biggest reason for solar power; Environmental benefits.
Governments are constantly worrying over our nations finite resources like coal and natural gas. These are expensive, harmful to the environment and are dependent on their availability. On the other hand, solar power has the opposite effects.

The costs involved to install solar power at your home or office is relatively low. Of course, the panels and associated equipment are not free but once in place, the source of the energy (the SUN) costs absolutely nothing. Sunlight is plentiful, doesn’t hurt our environment and is free. It’s a green source of energy leaving no carbon footprint. Using solar power makes you feel good as you’re helping the planet.


Then we have the Financial Benefits.

If you’re paying an energy company today for gas and/or electricity, you won’t need to be told that power bills are expensive and getting more expensive. Once your solar panels are up and running, your power bills are greatly reduced or, in many cases, non-existent. Solar saves you big bucks. What’s not to like about that?
You can become energy independent. If your property is connected to the electricity grid, you are dependent on that grid operating at full capacity whenever needed. The grid comes under great pressure in severe weather conditions such as heatwaves and cold snaps. If the grid fails, you’re out of gas, or electricity. With solar & battery backup technologies you can be self-sufficient and grid independent in the event of a grid outage. In some situations it is a much more feasible solution to install a complete “Off-Grid” solar and battery solution to a rural property than to pay for the charge for the initial mains power connection.


Don’t Forget Solar Power is Flexible.

It doesn’t have to be panels on your roof. If you have space on your property, solar panels can be located anywhere the Sun does shine. We have solutions for mounting solar on a ground-based mount. Best suited for larger properties with ample land and open areas.

Solar energy is the future, It Makes Sense.

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