It could be that you’ve made the smart decision to have a solar system installed on your property. So it makes sense to include an inverter that’s specifically suited to your needs and desires. There’s a challenge with that though. Every solar salesman you speak to is going to tell you that they are offering exactly that.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the right inverter for you? It can be difficult to work out. But, there are some simple features to look for that can give you peace of mind.

At Solar Warehouse Australia, we’re BIG fans of the Solaredge Inverter. In our opinion it’s undoubtedly the most flexible and accommodating unit on the market. It has a huge range of features, far above any of its competitors. It also provides a level of customisation which makes it the perfect unit no matter what the specifics of your system may be. Basically, it’s the inverter to put on any system, regardless of size, capacity, or environment.

The Solaredge Inverter Features Include…

A 12 year warranty on parts and labour (most competitors offer only a 5 years)

Low cost replacement if a new unit is needed after the 12 year warranty ends.

Individual panel monitoring enabling optimal performance of all panels even if one is compromised.

High safety features to protect you and anyone who has a need to work on or near your system.

Local monitoring by Solar Warehouse Australia and Solaredge.

Pro-active maintenance that prevents lengthy down time.

Expand-ability options and future proofing, such as ease of retro-fitting cutting edge technology.

Battery ready, with the inclusion of a low cost add on device known as Storedge.

Real time monitoring of your consumption

…most importantly, your system will be installed by certified Solaredge installers, if you purchased it from Solar Warehouse Australia.

You can’t go wrong with the Solaredge inverter. It’s adaptability makes it an excellent choice for your solar system, regardless of your systems individual specifications.

For more information on the Solaredge inverter, or to ask any questions about solar systems, contact us here.