Welcome to Part 2 of my previous blog “What’s the different types of solar PV systems and solar inverters? Part 1: Your Options” I will go on discuss different analogies to differentiate different branded inverters and where we feel they sit in the market place. I will keep this one short and to the point as I am sure most of you nodded off to sleep briefly with part 1. So here we go…..

Part 2 – Car Analogies to better understand you solar inverter options:


When I think of The Great Wall on one hand I think of Incredibly advanced, ancient Chinese civilisation architecture and highly skilled workmanship and on the other hand I think of low cost run of the mill, might just get you from A-B but will a cough and spatter as you cross the line, short life expectancy, costly to maintain, hard to diagnose an issue, limited features, limited style, poor fuel economy, no corrosion resistance, tiny resell value, disposable cheap motor vehicle. This is exactly the same with solar. You may get a hard wearing, long lasting and reliable solar inverter but more often that not if your buying cheap….. your not buying The Great Wall, you’re buying a Great Wall. All low cost Chinese made systems tend to fall in this category and we recommend you steer clear of these products and invest a little more money in quality brand name products so you can achieve a longer lasting, headache-free outcome.


When I think of a Commodore I think of 2 things, 1 being a dime a dozen typical Aussie battler car that gets you from A-B at an affordable price, with basic upgrade features and reasonable life expectancy, mid range motor vehicle. The other is a “naval rank used in many navies that is superior to a navy captain, but below a rear admiral.” Either way you think about it it’s not the highest rank on offer but still a reasonable proposition. This is where your premium Chinese and European DC string inverters fit in. This is a good middle of the road solution that won’t break the bank but will still provide you with a reasonable level of quality and is a medium to long term reliable energy solution.


The only thing that I think of when I think of Rolls Royce is ultimate styling, unsurpassable performance, world class engineering, luxurious comfort, supreme elegance, superior class and unrivalled quality. The Rolls Royce is the king of all cars and when I think of the Rolls Royce of all solar inverters I think of SolarEdge DC Optimised solar power system. You won’t get much better than this and the beauty of this is that it doesn’t come with a Rolls Royce price tag. The longest warranty of any inverter on the market, the best efficiency, extremely safe, battery ready, panel level monitoring…… the list just goes on and on…. click here for a more refined list of benefits. This is the solution to use if you want to get the most out of your solar system with the greatest reliability and performance a solar inverter can provide. Nothing else come close in my opinion and SolarEdge is fast becoming our most requested and installed solar solution.

So if you could get a Rolls Royce for not much more than your run of the mill Commodore, what would you do?

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