Energy Efficiency is the implementation of solutions to reduce / manage the energy consumption of a property. Many methods can be used to achieve this goal.

Generally speaking, it is the goal to source an alternative product/solution that provides the same service whilst also consuming less energy.

These items are, however not limited to ;
* Energy Audits
* Solar PV
* LED Lighting Solutions
* Demand Response
* Data Analytics & Energy Monitoring
* Power Factor Correction
* Metering & Sub-Metering
* Network Tariff Optimisation

The most important first step for many commercial properties is to have an energy audit conducted on their property.
An in depth audit of a commercial properties energy requirements would generally include;

* An analysis of electricity consumption at the site on the basis of the last 12 months available 30 min interval data (to be provided by the retailer/South Australia Power Networks.
* An in depth (2-5min intervals) analysis of the electricity consumption at the site by installing an energy analyser at the main switchboard and logging for a period of 7 days
* In depth lighting count of all luminaires on site
* In depth analysis of chilling, heating and domestic hot water assets
* In depth analysis of all other energy consuming devices on site
* A full cost/benefit analysis of all works suggested at the site comparing total cost of upgrade to total savings achievable.
* Expressing each facility improvement measure (FIM) in terms of simple payback, Net Present Value (NPV) and carbon dioxide abated.
* Reporting savings in terms of energy in kWh and maximum demand in kVA.
* Producing a specification of the proposed system in terms of type and brand of each suggested upgrade
* An analysis of the current energy contracts (electricity and gas) and if appropriate suggest changing retailers to get better rates.
* A feasibility analysis of renewable solar electricity and solar thermal generators to lower the energy purchased form the retailer
* A full report available in print and electronic formats
* A 2-hour client meeting to elaborate on all of the suggested FIMs

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