Solar systems are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons, from rural communities to large-scale industry. Making the choice to switch to solar first hinges on finding the reason that resonates with you, before doing research into suppliers, products, size and more.

1. The lowest bills you’ve ever seen

Aside from the upfront cost of your system and installation, your electricity bills will drop dramatically, if not disappear entirely, once you switch to solar. Besides, the cost of the system will be paid off in the amount you’ve saved, on only a few short years. After that, you can enjoy totally free or dirt cheap energy for the remainder of your system’s 25+ year lifecycle.

2. Excellent ROI

Think of solar as an investment, and you’ll quickly see that it offers some of the best ROI around, compared to more traditional methods. Whether you’re thinking of selling in the future, or want to enjoy the free power yourself, it’s a smart move to jump on the solar bandwagon soon.

3. Free from inflating costs

When you receive power from the grid, you’re entirely vulnerable to fluctuations in the cost of that power. You have no option other than to pay whatever amount is set. By installing a solar system and remaining independent, you can rely on your own power source, and be free from rising electricity costs.

4. Increased value to your home

Much like a new roof or a lick of paint, solar panels are extremely attractive to homebuyers. What’s more, you can actually enjoy the benefits before it comes time to sell, unlike other upgrades for which owners often wait until just before it goes on the market.

5. Eco-friendly

It’s no surprise that solar panels are a green choice. By using energy from the sun instead of coal, you’re creating clean, fossil fuel-free energy. In fact, the average system has a similar effect on the environment as planting 100 trees per year. While this might be a personal decision, it can also boost your reputation as a business that is committed to sustainability.

6. Keep up with the competition

Solar’s many benefits have succeeded in placing early adopters ahead. Now, it’s a matter of installing or falling behind.