Huge Rebates for Solar and Batteries Within Adelaide’s CBD
In recent times the Adelaide City Council has discovered that solar panel installation in the CBD is much lower than in the suburbs of Adelaide. The main reason being that most properties in the CBD are commercial and not residential.

Residents in Adelaide’s suburban homes have been quick to take up solar panels. So to encourage commercial building owners to take up solar power and to speed up the process with their vision of become the world’s first Carbon Neutral City, the Adelaide City Council has created a very generous rebate incentive scheme available.

These grants are to help in the conservation of natural resources including energy and water. There is a project known as the Sustainability Incentives Scheme which provides funding to applicants be they owners of commercial buildings, education institutions, community groups and the like with a grant.

Funding is available for the following purposes.
* Installing a solar system
* Installing an energy storage system
* Installing an energy monitoring system
* Changing or upgrading to LED lighting
* Electrical bicycle and vehicle charging points
* Energy efficient upgrades to multi-story buildings

The council has officers trained in improving energy ratings of buildings and with heritage buildings in particular. These officers are available to assist with your grant application as well as discussing the various ways your building can become more energy efficient. Solar Warehouse Australia is also a founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide and we have assisted many clients with accessing these generous grants of up to $11,000 for the adoption of Solar, Energy Monitoring and Energy Storage.

Carbon footprint is a common term today as is the saying that we should think global and act local. The Adelaide City Council has taken both issues to heart and put funding in place so that change can happen. Grants vary between $500 and $5,000 and a premises may be eligible for multiple rebates. Simple procedures such as solar panels and energy storage can mean a major cost saving for any CBD building and the benefits flow obviously throughout Adelaide, the state and country.

Renewable energy benefits everyone.