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You’re in the market to add storage to your existing solar system. Thus, your journey has begun to look for the best solar batteries Adelaide has to offer. Look no more, we have access to the latest and greatest, the safest, the biggest and even the smallest. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our ability to research battery technology daily.Consequently this ensures we are ready to go with any questions you may have. From a small 1.2kWh battery to a large 20+kWh battery system. We are always updating our inventory to ensure the latest and greatest technology solar batteries Adelaide has to offer is readily available.

How Much Do They Save?

Did you know? Adelaide residents can save approximately $1,430 extra each year. Not To mention. how happy we all would be with more money in your pocket each quarter and less to those nasty power companies. In Fact, adding a battery storage system size of only 10kWh can achieve this. South Australians pay the MOST EXPENSIVE power prices in the world. This is why it makes sense that property owners are fast adopting the solar batteries Adelaide has to offer. This is as a way to help offset their properties night time energy usage to further reduce their electricity bills.

Trend Building; Future Investments

Builders, developers & investors see solar and solar battery systems as a way to further future proof their homes. Therefore, the quality homes that they build deserve the quality technology powering it. Solar Warehouse Australia knows that investors and future home owners appreciate the forward thinking and find value in these proposals. Having solar batteries and a solar power system installation designed when the property is still under construction ensures a clean thought out installation. It also enables all cabling and unsightly conduits to be hidden away in the wall cavities making a more aesthetically pleasing installation.

SA Solar Battery Subsidy

A solar battery is the final touch to making your home entirely self sufficient—and with recent Government incentives, now is the best time to invest in solar battery systems in Adelaide.

If you’ve got an existing system on your roof, you’re already half way there. You’re converting sunlight into energy, and using that energy in your everyday life. But what about when you produce more energy than you need during the day? Wouldn’t you like to hold onto that energy and store it for use at night?

Without your own solar battery, you still rely on the grid at night. Your excess energy is sold to the grid for a feed-in-tariff during the day and then you have to buy it back when you need it at a much higher rate. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just store your excess energy on-site, for use whenever you need a little extra?

That’s when you turn to your local energy storage systems provider in Adelaide.


Until recently, solar battery storage was an afterthought. Most households were turned off by the high costs involved and the bulky appearance. But as solar battery systems in Adelaide have increased in popularity, their design has been streamlined, and the costs fallen. Now, these products are seen as great investments that will pay for themselves in a few years’ time—and are considered an essential feature in modern smart homes.

Plus, the user-friendliness of solar batteries is quite incredible. There was a time when a certain level of knowledge about energy usage was needed to make the most out of your battery, but today’s designs do all of the hard work for you.

It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about future-proofing your home with the latest battery storage in Adelaide.

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