Have you got premises in the Adelaide CBD? Have you had a solar system installed on the roof? Right now, the Adelaide City Council (ACC) has solar and battery rebates on offer that you might want to consider. So if you’ve got a building in the Adelaide CBD, now is a great time to be looking at a solar panel system. Or if you’ve got panels without batteries, the ACC might chuck some money your way if you have some installed.

How much is on Offer?

It depends on your eligibility, but up to $5,000 is available for new solar system installs. There’s also $5,000 on offer for batteries for your solar system, whether it be an established system or a new one. And it’s not just for homes either. Businesses and commercial properties are included in the offer.

Why would the council give me Money?

It’s their way of incentivising homes and business within the Adelaide CBD to install solar panels and batteries. In the words of Adelaide’s Lord Mayor Martin Haese…

“The City of Adelaide can grow its credentials in this area, attract investment and attract more residents.

“Not only will we have a more liveable city, but we’ll also have a more economically prosperous and sustainable city as a result.”

But we should be clear here, the ACC isn’t exactly giving out money. It’s a rebate, so you’ll get the money back after installation, if you’re eligible. So it’s important to know what’s what before you commit. We can help you with that though. Just drop us a line here.


You can go to the Adelaide City Council’s website for eligibility and other relevant information. Or you can download their overview here.

Solar systems nearly always make sense. To find out what’s best for you, and how to take advantage of the Adelaide City Councils rebates, get in touch with us here.