Seraphim Solar Panels Adelaide has to offer are above the rest. From day 1, seraphim wanted to re make the wheel. They set their sights on making the sleekest looking panel we have seen. The elements to a perfect solar module, performance, reliability, heat resistance & appearance.

They saw the light at the end of the tunnel, introducing Eclipse. Their innovative solar module technology takes the old fashioned solar cell and makes it into something unique, something better. With increased efficiency, higher reliability, reduced balance of system costs and a huge standout feature, improved aesthetics.

Don’t believe us, see it for yourself. Watch the video below, see this beautiful panel.


Seraphim Excellence

  • Excellent low light performance
High resistance to salt-mist, ammonia and other harsh environments
  • Triple 100% EL inspection minimizes cell defect rate
  • Anti-PID, passing TÜV SÜD system voltage durability test
  • Certified to resist 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load
  • Insured 25-year linear performance warranty