TongWei Solar Panels Adelaide. One of the Highest Efficiency & Best Priced Solar Panels in Adelaide Homes. Above all, now available from Solar Warehouse Australia.

TW Solar is dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of core solar products. They are the worldwide largest crystalline silicon solar cell production enterprise. As a result, TW Solar has three bases in Hefei, Chengdu and Meishan. Furthermore, over 7,000 full-time employees and more than 13GW capacity within their operation. In addition, TW Solar is rated as the best global supplier and the enterprise exempted from inspection for solar cells for 4 consecutive years.

In our opinion, It’s this level of dedication that make TongWei Solar Panels the Best Solar Panels Adelaide homes can have. Not only are TongWei Solar Panels Adelaide families best option for high performance but TongWei Solar Panels are also one of the Best Value Solar Panels in Adelaide.

Up to now, Tongwei Solar has cumulatively obtained 207 patents (20 for invention and 187 for utility model) and 31 software copyrights.

For the past 5 years, Tongwei Solar has been awarded 200 national and provincial honors. This includes National Green Factory, Integration of Information and Industrialisation Management System Pilot Enterprise, National FIVE-STAR Factory, National User Satisfied Enterprise, National High-tech Company. Aswell as that TW Solar have also claimed the 7th China Green-Benefit Enterprise award, China Trustworthy Group for Quality award, China Quality Encouragement Award, Sichuan Province FIVE-STAR Factory award and Anhui Province Quality Award.

In conclusion and above all, Tongwei Solar has received great feedback from our customers and was awarded High Quality Supplier by clients including Jinko Solar, GCL System Integration Technology, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Suntech, ChinaLand, SolarGiga Energy and Risen Solar.


As the worldwide largest solar cell production enterprise, Tongwei Solar outstripped other companies with 6.5GW overall shipments in 2018 (concluded by PV InfoLink). For 2019, with over 1GW shipments in March and 2.4GW in the first season (90% rise compared to last year), TongWei made the world record of largest shipments within single month and single season in the industry.


The shingled cell technology is a new patented technology. TW Solar has incorporated this into thier latest solar panels to enable much higher output per panel.


The new TongWei shingled cell solar module is a significant innovation breakthrough. Patented shingled solar modules boost efficiency, reliability and also reduce the Balance Of System cost at the same time. In addition, providing an elegant solution that improves both efficiency and aesthetics

TongWei Solar Panels Adelaide 350W Shingle Cell


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