Sapphire Solar Battery storage is the future. Sapphire’s complete energy package is the next level in renewable energy. The Sapphire Solar Battery is Australias latest contribution to the Residential Solar Battery System market. Solar PV has been the way to save on your electricity bill. Until now, the suns rays only shine during the day. This package allows us to store your excess generation and use the power at night, when you need it most. The market wanted a solution, it needed a solution. The battery manufacturers responded. Australian owned Sapphire Solar knows our market, understands our climate & responded to our battery requirements.
Flaunting seamless integration with its Sapphire Solar Hybrid Inverter. The Lithium GEM Series offers two sizes, 4.8kWH ( GEM 4800 ) & 7kWh ( GEM 7000). This allows consumers to buy a battery suited their needs and energy consumption. Not simply purchase a one size fits all. As we know, one size very rarely “fits all”. This allows you to pick the size you need and allow you to upgrade/expand as your needs change. Completing the Sapphire Solar complete package. Solar PV panels, Hybrid inverter & storage solution.
One of the few Australian owned solar manufacturers now has 2 models available to the market. Lithium GEM Series 4800 & Lithium GEM Series 7000. Both models boast features such as;
  • LiFePO4 composition
  • 2.4kWh /4.8kWh /7.0kWh/DOD 90%
  • High safety and reliability
  • 6000cycles/10 year service life
  • Consistent performance over wide temperature range
  • Wall-mounted, convenient installation
  • Seamless interface with Sapphire Solar Gem Series Hybrid Inverter
  • Integrated state-of-the-art BMS
  • 5/10 year warranties available
ET Elite 265W Essentials Solar Panel
ET Elite 265W Essentials Solar Panel
ET Elite 265W Essentials Solar Panel
ET Elite 265W Essentials Solar Panel