Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter

Fronius Hybrid Inverter | With over 25 years developing solar inverter technology Fronius are one of the world leaders when it comes to manufacturing high grade solar inverters.

Their latest inverter to compliment their existing wide range of solar inverters is the Fronius Symo Hybrid. The Fronius Symo Hybrid is a 3 phase solar inverter and has a built in battery charger aswell which is compatible with several battery brands currently on the market with future compatibility with other batteriesabout to be released soon.

Fronius is powering ahead with technology and their token catch phrase of “24 hours of sun” is now a possibility with their new range of hybrid battery ready solar inverters. The Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter is compatible with all inverters on the market so even if you have an existing solar PV system the Fronius Symo Hybrid can be added with a battery to help you save even more off your power bills.

  • Battery Ready
  • Emergency Power Supply Capable
  • WiFi/Cloud Monitoring
  • IP65 Rated
ET Elite 265W Essentials Solar Panel