Energy Efficiency Adelaide

South Australia Energy Consultancy and Auditing will work with you to achieve a well-rounded energy solution that will provide your business with financial gains whilst also reducing the impact on the environment. To be able to offer you the best solution to reduce your power demands we offer a web enabled electricity metering device which records and stores interval data 24/7 of the energy use of your business. With this data, we can establish an energy consumption pattern of your premises. Knowing when and how your electricity is used allows us to employ energy efficiency strategies in the areas that will make the most impact.

SAECA will also work with you to try and manage your power demands such that your business places as little demand on the grid as possible during costly peak demand periods. This has the potential to further your economic benefit.

If you are interested in more than just energy efficiency for your business we can supply you with energy generation and energy storage with a complete package including solar PV and battery storage. We can discuss with you whether these solutions would be of benefit to you.


These items are, however not limited to ;

  • Energy Audits
  • Solar PV
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • Demand Response
  • Data Analytics & Energy Monitoring
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Metering & Sub-Metering
  • Network Tariff Optimisation

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To learn more about SAECA Solutions or to discuss energy efficiency solutions for your home or business contact a member of your local SEACA team or fill in your details at the contact us page and a member of our team will attend to your enquiry promptly.

An in depth audit of a commercial properties energy requirements would generally include

  • An analysis of electricity consumption at the site on the basis of the last 12 months available 30 min interval data (to be provided by the retailer/South Australia Power Networks.
  • An in depth (2-5min intervals) analysis of the electricity consumption at the site by installing an energy analyser at the main switchboard and logging for a period of 7 days
  • In depth lighting count of all luminaires on site
  • In depth analysis of chilling, heating and domestic hot water assets
  • In depth analysis of all other energy consuming devices on site
  • A full cost/benefit analysis of all works suggested at the site comparing total cost of upgrade to total savings achievable.
  • Expressing each facility improvement measure (FIM) in terms of simple payback, Net Present Value (NPV) and carbon dioxide abated.
  • Reporting savings in terms of energy in kWh and maximum demand in kVA.
  • Producing a specification of the proposed system in terms of type and brand of each suggested upgrade
  • An analysis of the current energy contracts (electricity and gas) and if appropriate suggest changing retailers to get better rates.
  • A feasibility analysis of renewable solar electricity and solar thermal generators to lower the energy purchased form the retailer
  • A full report available in print and electronic formats
  • A 2-hour client meeting to elaborate on all of the suggested FIMs

Meet The SAECA Solutions Team

Ekkehard Groskreutz

Ekkehard Groskreutz


With a degree in mechanical engineering from Germany, Ekkehard has been in the energy industry since the late ‘70s and has led his own consultancy in renewables and energy efficiency since 2001 here in Adelaide. While accredited (A3119869) by the Clean Energy Council for the design and installation of grid connect and off-grid solar systems, Ekkehard plays a vital role with SAECA in his role as Business Development Manager with the transition from a quality solar installation company to a provider of holistic energy solutions.

Angus Groskreutz

Angus Groskreutz


With a Bachelor’s degree with honours from Adelaide University in Mechanical and Sustainable Engineering Angus has joined SAECA to assist with all engineering aspects of the various renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.

Peter Moser

Peter Moser


With extensive experience in his role as director of engineering at multi-national company Johnson Controls, based in Melbourne, Peter was responsible to oversee contracts with a value of over $70million. His particular in depth expertise in commercial air conditioning and controls make him an important part of the SAECA team