Here at Solar Warehouse Australia, we pride ourselves on providing the best solar power products for our customers that the world has to offer. By choosing quality renewable energy products that stand the test of time, we provide solar power modules that are proven to achieve the highest standard on an international scale.

The California-based Renewable Energy Test Center (RETC) is an independent engineering and certification test lab that specialises in renewable energy products. Last year, RETC tested more than 2,500 solar modules from 46 crystalline silicon and thin-film suppliers based on their reliability, performance and quality across 18 indicators.

Recently they released the results of its first PV Module Index and has determined only two renewable energy manufacturers scored high achievements across the board in all three core categories.

Of course, Solar Warehouse Australia offers the one manufacturer, LONGi Solar, who excelled in all eight criteria in the RETC individual test, while the other stand-out manufacturer Panasonic achieved multiple high points in each category. JinkoSolar, another brand we offer for Adelaide solar power, was a high achiever in reliability for the tests.
An extensive testing system to say the least, the Index focuses mainly on the eight important criteria which best represent reliability, performance and quality of the 150 different module families from their 46 suppliers.

Stacking up the best solar panels in the world can be tricky for the average person to research on their own, which is why the RETC PV Module Index highlights the importance of the solar industry and better evaluating modules based on features that don’t just include energy efficiency and a good price-point.

There’s no wonder that LONGi is the stellar solar module in the index as it’s one of Solar Warehouse Australia’s best selling solar panels to date. As the largest manufacturer of monocrystalline solar panels worldwide, LONGi has achieved greatness with over 18 years of solar panel manufacturing research and development history.

Providing residential, commercial and utility-scale solar installations, LONGi solar panels have their own integrated supply chain while developing their own patents and technologies in-house to create seamless sustainable energy for homes and businesses around the world.

If you’ve been thinking about solar panels why not go with LONGi solar panels Adelaide? Proven to be the best in the market for reliability, performance and quality, let Solar Warehouse Australia provide you with an obligation-free quote and assessment, let’s get you on the path to renewable energy and save on your power bills today!