Longi Solar Panels is the largest manufacturer of monocrystalline solar panels in the world. This achievement is a combination of residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar installations. With over 18 years of solar panel manufacturing research and development history, Longi Solar is now a master of its own vertically integrated supply chain. This allows precise control over the quality of their products throughout the entire manufacturing process. Longi Solar continues to show a strong commitment to their future in the renewable energy industry. This includes more than 7% of their yearly revenue invested in Research & Development. Longi Solar also hold more than 178 patents and proprietary technologies which have been developed by their very own global R&D teams consisting of over 500+ team members.

In 2016, Longi Solar proved themselve on a global platform, becoming a member of the “Silicone Module Super League” (SMSL) joining the likes of Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar and GCL Solar. The SMSL is a small group consisting of only 7 large scale solar panel manufacturers who currently supply over half of the world’s solar panels.

Longi Mono is the future

Longi Solar is continuing to be a big player in the Australian Market. Thus, the release of its highly anticipated 370W Split Cell Monocrystalline panel has really taken the market by storm. This highly efficient mono crystalline panel stands apart from its competitors with its premium black frame. The Longi Solar 370W solar panel is a strong favourite amongst home owners who seek a premium quality solar panel at an incredibly affordable price point.

Solar Warehouse Australia only partners with the best which is why we highly recommend Longi Solar Panels in Adelaide. Their entire range of solar panels boast high performance and reliability. Longi Solar continues to produce high quality solar panels and with their supporting supply chain partners in Australia it enables the consumer to get the quality product they deserve at a price they can afford.