LG Solar Panels Adelaide, is a strong asset towards battling the highest electricity prices in the world. Simply put, LG Solar is one of the best made solar panels in Australia. LG Electronics research into solar started way back in the mid 80s, with official module production beginning in 2009. LG Solar Panels pride themselves on being one of the highest quality and highest efficiency solar panels ever.


The after sales support, high quality of engineering, manufacture & testing is beyond this world. Because of all these added benefits, it makes it so easy to recommend LG Solar Panels to many of our customers. Even though at Solar Warehouse Australia we only partner will the best, We understand that sometimes, things go wrong and you your solar system may not be working 100%. Because of this, we are here to help. If this is you, please feel free to visit our Service & Repairs page for more info.



The panels that come out of LG’s factory have so many advantages over their competitors. The LG Solar Panel difference is as below:


  • High performance up to 400W modules.
  • Up to 15 thin wire energy conductors compared to the industry standard of 4.
  • Up to 40% more yield per m2 of roof space in comparison to a cheap 250W module.
  • Online registerable and transferable warranty.
  • Up to 25 year, LG backed parts & labour warranty.
  • 25 year performance guarantee at up to 87.6%.
  • Improved performance in higher temperature & low light conditions.