Solar Warehouse Australia brings you the latest and greatest air conditioning technologies from our trusted friends at Kaden. At Solar Warehouse Australia we won’t put our name to just any product or manufacturer on the market. We only trust and install the most reliable air conditioning systems Adelaide home owners can get which is why we place our trust in the full range of Kaden wall split air conditioner and Kaden ducted air conditioning system in Adelaide. Kaden rigorously test each product before releasing to the market in the Melbourne research and development facility. Yes, and Australian brand with a local Australian quality control and testing factory. Kaden continuously research and develop ways to improve the world we live in through the manufacture of high quality air conditioning systems and when it comes to air conditioning system in Adelaide, Kaden is fast becoming a trusted brand Australia wide.

Latest Technology

Utilising the intelligent range of Kaden Air Conditioning in Adelaide, Solar Warehouse Australia can provide you with a tailor made heating and cooling solution for any home or commercial premises. Kaden are leading the way when it comes to high wall split system air conditioners in Adelaide and ducted reverse cycle air conditioners in Adelaide and their advanced range of premium Air Conditioning solutions show off their skill for innovation and push to be producers of industry leading air conditioning solutions in Adelaide and beyond. Kaden have developed a comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions designed to suit a wide range of buildings and spaces from the humblest of rooms like a small bedroom to multi-level office buildings.

Why Kaden for AC

  • Buying a Kaden Air Conditioning System in Adelaide provides the end user with a reliable home comfort solution that offers user friendly wall mounted control systems, easy installation, trouble free maintenance and the most important feature of all, local warranty and technical support team based here in ADELAIDE. The local support we have received from Kaden had been like no other major brand we have ever stocked which is a key reason why the team at Solar Warehouse Australia trust and rely in the whole range of Kaden Air Conditioning systems in Adelaide.