An in depth review of Adelaide solar pricing and savings.

As of July 1st 2017 Adelaide electricity providers have increased the cost of energy per kWh to US the consumers by 20%. This means an average $500 bill is now $600 without blinking an eye. Needless to say, consumers are now starting to ask that important question.

“If we install solar, how much will we save?”

The average South Australian home spends over $3000 per year on electricity alone. This means with the new 20% increase the average SA home will now be expected to have to find another $600 dollars annually just to keep up with their power bill repayments.

An average Adelaide solar system would cost upwards of $5000*. Adelaide solar companies tend to hear this request from their customers, “I want to get rid of my bill, I don’t want to pay anything for electricity”. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that this is the unicorn of the solar industry today. It can be done, however with most customer’s budgets it is a very rare occurrence and any Adelaide solar installer promising this is probably pushing the boundary of the truth.

When it comes to savings there are 2 ways of reading between the same lines. 1. Average Savings off your electricity providers bill

Return on Investment (ROI) of your solar system

Normally when consumers begin their quest to find the “cheapest” Adelaide solar system, or the “best” Adelaide solar company ( rarely the same search results ), they get told by MR SALESMAN that their bill will half with solar. Yes this is a semi safe statement. However there are so many variables. How much sun will we get this year? will it be a wetter, darker winter? How efficient will my solar panels work? How will you use your free energy from the sun? Etc etc.

The best way to calculate savings is to analyze how the home uses power over a long period of time, then estimate how much electricity in kWh the proposed solar system will generate each year and finally pull out that fancy calculator “et voila!” E=MC2, your annual estimated savings.

As a committed Adelaide solar company, we thoroughly analyze your data to generate information like graphs for the consumer to understand more easily.

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