Hot Water Heating systems account for approximately 25% of Australia household energy use. Installing solar panels can help reduce your energy usage but choosing the right hot water heating system for your needs in combination with solar can make even more of a difference to your energy bills. Solar Warehouse Australia work alongside the team at Adelaide Heat Pump who have spent many years researching and installing some of the more trusted energy efficient hot water heat pumps in Adelaide. A Heat Pump can heat your hot water faster and more efficiently that traditional electric hot water systems and thanks to great Government subsidies there’s never been a better time to invest in your own energy efficient heat pump in Adelaide. Talk to the experts today at Adelaide Heat Pumps to learn more about these innovative energy efficient hot water solutions.

Co2 Hot Water Heat Pump

For one of the most energy efficient residential hot water heat pump systems the team at Adelaide Heat Pumps recommends the Reclaim Energy System. A Heat Pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. The Reclaim Energy Co2 Heat Pump manages this by extracting energy out of the air and diverting that energy to your hot water tank. Combining this energy with a small amount of home electricity is what makes this solution so energy efficient. The Reclaim Energy Co2 Heat Pump only requires 1kW of electricity to create up to 5kW of heat. This is up to 500% efficient leading to phenomenal savings on your hot water heating energy usage. The Reclaim System is so smart that it can be programmed to operate during the day meaning your Adelaide Heat Pump could be heating your water for free from the sun saving you even more.

System Advantages

  • Energy efficient and money saving
  • Quietest system on the market with an average noise level of 37dB
  • Designed to use excess PV generation rather than exporting it to the grid
  • Top down Heat Pump return heating for quick water recovery
  • CO2 refrigerant ideally suited to excel in cold weather conditions
  • CO2 refrigerant naturally environmentally friendly
  • High coefficient of performance (COP) creating high energy from low energy input
  • One shot boost function for continuous hot water
  • Smart Controller allows control over energy costs and consumption
  • STC and VEEC approved