Statistically nearly 25% of the people you know have installed solar panels in their home. The reason why is clear: power costs are skyrocketing.

It has gotten so bad that if South Australia were its own country it would have the highest power prices in the OECD.
Solar Power is the easiest way for people to cut their electricity bills down to something affordable and reasonable, and now Australian businesses are beginning to do the same.

Driven by huge increases in their power bills – sometimes up to over $1000 per annum this year alone – many Australian businesses are choosing to install solar panels.

These power hikes are now because many long term contracts are beginning to close up, and energy retailers don’t want to be selling power to anyone at discounted rates.

Solar Panels will literally save you thousands of dollars, and now with better panels and cheaper energy storage options on the market there isn’t a better time than right now to make the jump yourself.

Installing solar power is only getting cheaper and cheaper, while power prices from traditional sources are only go up – so it makes sense to make the jump to solar generation as soon as possible before you lose thousands more on power bills.

Solar not only provides cheap reliable power, it is also an excellent way to make yourself a more sustainable, greener business too. Not only does this help the environment, consumers are also more likely to buy from a business that is doing its part for the environment.

It makes more sense than ever to start saving with solar. You, your customers and your business will be better off for it.
So before you do anything else, contact Solar Warehouse Australia today to talk about how you can start saving.