Enphase Energy is a US-headquartered manufacturer specialising in the development of microinverters for the solar market. Microinverters are miniaturised inverters that work on a per-panel level. It’s a very different approach to a single string inverter working with multiple solar panels, as is more commonly the case with solar power system installations.

Given their panel level operation, Enphase microinverters offer a number of advantages over string inverters, including redundancy, more flexible system design, monitoring of individual panels and mitigating the overall impact on a system of solar panel shading. However, be prepared to pay a bit more for a microinverter-based system.

The company’s seventh generation microinverter, the Enphase IQ 7 series, is suited to residential applications and commercial systems. The IQ 7 range is around half the weight of the previous iteration and according to Enphase, produces 23% more power.


Enphase Quality

When you invest in solar, you deserve a system you can count on — today, tomorrow, and for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature throws its way. We see quality as the core of our business, so we’ve built our entire production model around a focus on quality at every stage. Cutting-edge design, the industry’s most rigorous reliability testing, meticulous manufacturing, and continuous feedback from units in the field. It’s an intensive process, but the end result is simple: products that hold up, year after year